Material Logistics

Managed Inventory

IVF has 26 years of experience in Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) and can tailor a solution specific to your company's product, service and environmental requirements. We are not limited to any particular product line, method of delivery, method of billing or any particular country's part environmental compliance.

Our model helps our business partners realize improved profitability by enabling them to focus on their core competencies while we cut costs and improve performance in the supply chain.

Benefits of VMI

  • Full integration model available
  • Shortening of the supply chain
  • Elimination of expediting
  • Reduction in purchasing department labor / purchase order costs
  • Reduction in vendor base
  • Reduction in warehouse labor
  • Reduction/ Elimination of A/P invoice processing
  • Eliminate shipping charges
  • Centralized forecasting
  • Frequent communication of inventory, stock-outs and planned promotions
  • State of the art tools to facilitate the transition
  • Inventory reduction/ lower inventory carrying cost
  • Stock-out elimination
  • Eliminate the need for incoming inspection

Bin Stocking

IVF's Bread truck system with daily bin inspection at customer's location. This model incorporates handheld scanner and 3/9 barcode technology.

Bar Coded Shipping

IVF is capable of providing bar coded data on all of our shipping documents to help facilitate our customers' receiving process. Bar Codes can be provided for basic customer information such as purchase orders, requisition numbers, order reference numbers, job numbers, work order numbers, item codes, order quantities, shipped quantities.

Enhanced Bin Stocking

Incorporating Electronic Data Interchange platforms (EDI) and Internet based forecasting / Invoicing / Payment tools into the Bin Stocking Program.

Kan Ban

A just-in-time manufacturing and stock-control system, where a card or email bearing an order for goods is sent to a IVF as a trigger for shipment.

Consigned Inventory

IVF owned inventory stored at the customer's location. This model incorporates monthly inventory and summary billing to customer.